" Future of Healthcare "

A smart hospital refers to a medical facility that leverages advanced technologies and integrated systems to enhance patient care, improve operational efficiency, and streamline healthcare processes.


EMR-LIFEs are designed to be accessible to healthcare providers within a specific healthcare organization or network, allowing for efficient and secure sharing of patient information. They help streamline healthcare processes, improve patient care coordination, and enhance the overall quality of healthcare delivery. Also support data analysis and research, enabling healthcare providers.


SCOPE-LIFE  is a digital platform used to capture, store, and manage medical records related to endoscopic procedures that allows healthcare providers to document and store detailed information about endoscopic procedures, including images, videos, and reports. It provides a centralized and organized repository for endoscopic findings, patient data, and procedural details.


PCM-LIFE, healthcare providers can easily track and manage patient appointments, ensuring timely and appropriate care. It enables the creation and management of personalized care plans, which outline treatment goals, interventions, and follow-up actions. This helps improve care coordination among different healthcare professionals involved in a patient’s treatment.