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A smart hospital refers to a medical facility that leverages advanced technologies and integrated systems to enhance patient care, improve operational efficiency, and streamline healthcare processes.

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PCM-LIFE, healthcare providers can easily track and manage patient appointments, ensuring timely and appropriate care. It enables the creation and management of personalized care plans, which outline treatment goals, interventions, and follow-up actions. This helps improve care coordination among different healthcare professionals involved in a patient’s treatment.

Additionally, PCM-LIFE includes communication tools, such as secure messaging or telehealth capabilities, allowing healthcare providers to communicate with patients and collaborate with colleagues more effectively. There are many products in PCM-LIFE such as SMART-OPD, SMART-ICU, SMART-EMS, TeleHealth, CARE-GIVER , etc.

PCM-LIFE enhances the efficiency, accuracy, and quality of patient care by providing healthcare providers with a comprehensive and integrated platform for managing and coordinating all aspects of patient care.

Product list

Plam GPS with SOS button & Camera

Plam GPS with SOS button & Camera a hand-held device combines superior location accuracy of GPS technology, 2-Way Hands Free cellular voice, and an integrated SOS…

4G elderly health monitoring GPS

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Easy Doctor

Easy Doctor 5-in-1 Remote Patient Monitoring Kit imedtac Easy Doctor is a 5-in-1 remote patient monitoring kit. With its minimalist design, there is no screen or…


Bansal_B-05 Patient check-in kiosks are devices through which patients can check themselves in without any front-office interactions.