How to make working in the hospital better.

I and the team have the idea to develop IT for more efficient industries as a equivalent. Third-party software, because we believe that the use of technology of various companies will make the same impact on our company. Bringing IT to the medical system, we are committed to ensuring that the design and innovation of medical information management. The person who is involved is an ambulance or a patient. There is no good quality of life, and we pride ourselves on what we do.

“I like technology. Learning new things is always attracted me. Besides I love inventing. My goal is to make something important and to help people”

Mr. Supasak Kulawongnaunchai

E.S.M.Soltution Co., Ltd.

E.S.M.Solution Services
IT. Solution Provider

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Cloud Platform Solution

Our platform simplifies the design process, can create various forms of applications through online system and quickly. JavaScript and HTML can quickly adjust and create an e-commerce system.

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Custom your own system

Systems that we design Yun extend to those used in the further development to enhance the performance of the unit and can build and add on feature. In our system, you can also transfer property to other systems as well.

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Hospital IT. Solution

Our team has an understanding of the hospital system from the experience of working together with hospitals. Nearly 10 years, the team can understand and be able to design the system to meet the needs of the user effectively.

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24 Hrs Maintenance Service

The team intends to maintain the system for maximum efficiency. Because patients can not wait that long. The team that This need In response to the user as quickly as possible.

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