We offer a system that provides a connection between different types of medical equipment together through a secured data storage and scanning system via the internet

Key Features of PCM-LIFE

Aside from connecting various information, we also provide a data storage service with a secured data center located in Singapore, where high-security data storage system is controlled through remote centralize control room in Thailand. Moreover, we also offer a data gateway service for a specific connection to hospital’s internal system.

A patient data entry system which is supported in rooms including the ER, OR, ICU, CCU and the inpatient rooms, this function helps to facilitate the doctors’ and nurses’ tasks of data keeping. The patient’s information form can be altered to fit any user’s requirements. This allows for an easy-to-understand report. The information can also be used for medical purposes.

We are currently designing an application that will help ease the user’s experience. For example, the Home Care system, allows patients and people in need of care can directly connect to their doctor or the hospital when needed. The Ambulance Patient Intensive Care system instantly links information from the ambulance and transmits the patient’s vital signs to the hospital to provide a swift treatment once the patient arrives. The Alert Management & Monitoring system helps to instantly track the patient or elderlies when an emergency occurs.

The PCM-LIFE can be integrated to wearable devices which link their information to the centralized control room. Also, our innovation allows other commercial devices to communicate to each others by working thru our in-house technology creating specially for better life solution.