We offer a total medical records solution which includeadvanced medical chart of patient care history and
a total patient care management solution for operating patient during treatment.

Key Features of EMR-LIFE

The EMR-LIFE offers a web-based solution for clinic care units on the Cloud platform, allowing for access on the go with 24/7 support. Futhermore, Our solution also support on-premise solution to serve user’s requirements.

An easy-to-use medical record platform which is flexible and can be easily adjusted for efficient utility. It is just easy as drag-and-drop fields to medical charts. Custom fields designed for medical recording make it amaze.

A patient management system from their hospital admittance until their release. Functions include a tracking barcode, the patient’s service status screen, and the service queue display monitor-information which can be mined and stored to improve further services.

The EMR-LIFE can store information for medical research and generate complex reports for easier comprehension and ease of research. We also provide data storage consulting for medical and business research including patient information, treatments, and medical fees. With such information, the EMR-LIFE can produce an in-depth report that goes beyond data storage to enable further analysis in other aspects.

The EMR-LIFE can be connected to the Hospital Information System (HIS). Not only that, our system has been developed with an Application Program Interface (AP ls) through a channel called REST +JSON which can be connected to other systems to link patient information and communicate with the hospital’s Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACs).